Everyone knows that massage can do wonders, and massage at our center is the special way for relaxation and saving your body and realize desires. We are always at your service. Japanese Massage Manhattan New York is called “Sakura”. This is a very sophisticated and exciting action; it is not the typical European, Thai, or Indian erotic massage. As a rule hair, tongue and lips, sometimes a few teeth are used for relaxation of your body and soul.
In the country of the Rising Sun, there was invented this kind of massage, it has not just a stimulating effect, but also effectively cures many sexual (and other) problems! Japanese massage NY is performed with the help of fingers. In this case, the impact is greater than the massage of flat palms. Active actions of the hands stimulate blood circulation, prevents stagnation of blood in the body, and improves the general condition and the personal functions. In the present world when it is so hard to find some time for relaxation only our center and our beautiful girls can help you to forget about all your problems and to find a little time for yourself to experience the best moments of relaxation at our center. For a long period, our girls have been performing this kind of massage and it is increasing its popularity as it helps not just to relax but also to increase your potential energy and force.
Our girls know all these techniques and have the specialization. That is why Japanese Massage Manhattan NYC at our center will bring you unprecedented pleasure and improve your health. In addition, forget about all the worries and cares of the world, Japanese Massage Manhattan will fill you in with strength for a quiet leisurely holiday bringing special pleasure. Quiet, slow movements that only sometimes become fast and exciting are what makes this kind of massage irresistibly sensual.

1. Can I pay with your card? Unfortunately, we do not have a banking machine, but you can pay by online transfer.
2. I want to take for a session with my wife! Do you have any suitable programs? Come, of course - we have a special program for couples. Pre-consult by phone with the administrator, as not all girls perform this program. https://nuru-massage-ny.com/
3. If I want more?
Sex in our salon is strictly prohibited, and if you insist, the girl will prematurely terminate the session without returning the money. But we promise - impressions from erotic massage are often brighter and more interesting than from sex.
4. Can I call by at any time?
Certainly. We work around the clock, without a break for sleep and lunch. If you are going to visit us at a very untimely time, it is better to call and warn beforehand.
5. What is the price category of services? From 100 to 800 dollars.


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